Temple fair at Maizidian

One world, one family, better communication, better friendship.

Main theme Culture Festival in Maizidian community.

On Wednesday, December 6th BICC organized a Temple Fair at Maizidian International Community Center. Many of our embassies officials and their family attended the event to experience Chinese cultural activities and to watch Chinese performances.

The event started with a Speech by the deputy director of Maizidian sub-district office followed by a speech by one of our students from the Italian embassy where she shared her great experience studying in BICC.

The performances start with a beautiful band called " Mo LI Fang Hua" playing traditional Chinese music.

The fun continued with 2 dance bands from the Maizidian Community

The Chinese spectators were very surprised and happy to see foreigners performing "Ba Duan Jin" and singing a famous Chinese song called "Tian Mimi"


After watching fun performances, time to experience fun activities!

 BICC prepared plenty of Chinese cultural activities such as: Pottery clay, Sugar blower, Flower arrangement, sculpture, Chinese Calligraphy, and paper cutting.

Even our little friends had a great time playing with pottery clay!

The event was a success, both the Maizidian and the foreign spectators were satisfied.