1. Answer:
    Yes, we are the only private school in Beijing that can issue JW202 form. We offer short and long-term visa and we don't charge our students for it.
  2. Answer:
    Yes, we do issue fapiaos either to companies or to individuals. Please give us fapiao's details once you register at BICC.
  3. Answer:
    1) You check which program is convenient for you and the duration, you can also email us at info@hibicc.com or call us at 1059039267 to ask about our programs. 2) You download the application form and you fill it. 3) You send us the application from with a scanned copy of your passport and your scanned picture. 4) We send you a test level by email. 5) You pay the registration fee (650 RMB), and the tuition fee. 6) We apply for the J202  form (it takes one week). 7) We send you the documents by post (the post fee is included in the registration fee). 8) You apply for the visa. 9) You start the class. Please note that if you don't need student visa, you will not pay the registration fee and we will not send you the JW202 form.
  4. Answer:
    1)You can email us at: info@hibicc.com or call us at 1059039267 or directly come to our sanlitun campus to have more informations about our programs. 12) The teacher will do the assessment for you and check what level is suitable for you. 3) Once you decide which programs is convenient for you (group or private classes) you can have a free trial group class. 4) You fill in the application form, give us a copy of your passport, pay the tuition fee. 5) You start the class. If you need a student visa, we can issue it for you.
  5. Answer:
    We use survey tools to monitor each student's progress and adjust our teaching pace and techniques to meet each individual situation.
  6. Answer:
    We recommend that you bring any prescription medications that you need with you on your trip. In case of an emergency, you should know that many pharmacies in China offer common medications without a prescription, and that cold and flu medicines are inexpensive and easy to find. There are also a few western pharmacies that may offer your medication with a prescription.