BICC Chinese Mandarin School

Approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, Beijing International Chinese College (BICC) is a professional educational institution devoted to the international promotion of Chinese language. Founded in 2005, BICC not only focuses on teaching international students Chinese language, but also offers training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. We are one of the executive members of the 8th Council of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching.

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Since the beginning, BICC has enrolled thousands of international students and organized many important projects for the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Chinese Language Office, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. These programs include the Seminar on Chinese for Government Officials from Developing Countries, the Seminar on Chinese Culture for Government Officials from Developing Countries, training programs for Chinese teachers from abroad, HSK, YCT, BCT exams, A-PLUS training programs for Chinese teachers, training programs for Chinese language teachers/volunteers working overseas, and the Chinese Culture Festival for International Students in Beijing.

Furthermore, BICC closely cooperated with Beijing Language and Culture University, Huazhong Normal University, Fangcaodi International Primary School, Beijing No. 80 Middle School, and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. At the same time, BICC also cooperates with many schools, educational institutions and established enterprises in America, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, New Zealand, and Korea. BICC is rapidly developing into a high-level Chinese learning and teaching base with distinguishing features.

The school is headed by Honorary President Xu Jialu and President Geng Xuechao. Honorary President Xu Jialu is the former vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, a well-known Chinese language and literature expert, and the current president of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching. President Geng Xuechao is the former director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the vice president of the Chinese Association of Higher Education, the president of the Beijing Association of Higher Education, and the director-general of the Beijing Association of Non-government Education.