课程说明 Course Description

一、课程种类 Class types

HSK 1-6 class ---HSK1-6 级辅导

*Courses include: HSK tutorial classes, HSK pre-test intensive review

Comprehensive Chinese---综合汉语

*Courses include: listening course, speaking course, reading course, writing course

Survival Chinese---生存汉语

Business Chinese---商务汉语


二、课程介绍 Class Introduction

VIP 课程:VIP Class

根据学生个性化要求安排课程。上课时间和地点安排灵活,学生可以在工作时间内自由选择上课时间和地点(外出授课需支付交通费)。VIP 课程包括一对一与一对二课程。

VIP class includes one-on-one and one-on-two lessons. The class time, place and content are arranged flexibly, adjusted according to the individual requirements of the students. Students can freely choose the class time during working time. 

*VIP class includes a 30-minute free demo lesson.

*Discount:There is a discount for more than 50 classes at one time. 

*Students are required to pay for the teacher's travel fee if the teacher is required to go to a specific address other than BICC, which is 30RMB per time within the 5th Ring Road and 100RMB per time outside the 5th Ring Road.

小组课:Group Class 根据学生的中文水平安排班级,小班授课,每个班 3-8 人。每月初招生,满足开班人数(最少3人)后即刻开班。

Group classes are arranged according to the students' Chinese ability, and classes are held in small groups of 3-8 students each. Enrollment will start at the beginning of every month. Classes will start as soon as the number of students meets minimum (3).

集中学习课程:Intensive Class


This course helps students who are new to China or who want to study intensively in a short period of time to improve their Chinese language ability quickly. Classes are held from Monday to Friday. Most of the courses are 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 lessons. BICC can apply study visa for students who are qualified for the intensive classes.

在线课程:Online Class

在线直播,实时互动,突破地域限制,足不出户学习汉语,学习时 间自由。在线课一般为一对一或一对二课程,在线小组课需要至少3人报名后才能开始上课。具体上课时间和所需的中文能力请先咨询学校老师。 Online live class, real-time interaction, breaking through geographical restrictions, learning Chinese without leaving home, and free learning time. Online group classes require a minimum of 3 students to sign up before the class can begin. Please consult first for specific class times and required Chinese ability.

留学生课程:International Student Program

我院会为符合条件的留学生办理学习签证。留学生课程学习时间从 一个月到一年。超过一年学习,在课程结束时可延长签证。小组课、一 对一课程、在线课均可申请留学生签证。

BICC will apply for study visas for qualified international students. The international student course is from one month to one year of study. For more than one year of study, the visa can be extended at the end of the course. Group classes, one-on-one classes, and online classes are all allowed to apply for international student visas.

*Visa processing fee is 600RMB per person.

*Classes are held from Monday to Friday.


三、课程时间 class time

一对一课程和一对二课程:每课时 50 分钟,建议每次 1.5 课时或 2 课时。

1-on-1 class and 1-on-2 class: 50 mins per class, 1.5 or 2 classes per session are recommended.

小组课:每课时 45 分钟,每次至少两课时。 Group class: 45 minutes per lesson, At least 2 classes each time.

集中学习课程:每天 4 课时,每周 20 课时。 Intensive learning classes: 4 hours a day, 20 classes a week.

在线课程:每课时 50 分钟,每次课程数量学生自由决定。 Online class: 50 minutes per classes. Students can choose how many classes each time

上课时间为北京时间周一到周五 9:00-18:00,在线课程没有时间限制。 Class time:9:00-18:00 Beijing time, Monday to Friday. There is no time limit for online.


四、课程价格说明 Course Price Description

1. 小组课:每课时 60 元

Group class: 60 RMB per class

2. 一对一课程:每课时 150 元,50 课以上 130 元每课时

One-on-one class: 150 RMB per class. 130RMB per class over 50 classes

一对二课程:每人/每课时 80 元,50 课以上 70 元每课时

One-on-two course: 80 RMB per class. 70RMB per class over 50 classes

3. 集中学习课程:每天 4 课时,50 课时以内 150 元每课时,50 课时以 上 130 元每课时

Intensive class: 4 classes per day, 150RMB per class. 130RMB per class over 50 classes

4. 在线课程价格与线下课程价格相同

The price of online courses is the same as that of offline courses

5. 留学生课程每天 4 课时,包含 3 节中文课,1 节自习课或辅导课。其 中小组课不满十二周,每课时 60 元。十二周以上,每课时 55 元。

The international student program has 4 classes per day, including 3 Chinese classes and 1 self-study class or culture class. For group classes of less than 12 weeks, 60RMB per class. 55RMB per class for classes above 12 weeks.

BICC Application Routine



1. Fill in the information form for international students 填写留学生信息表

2. Take the Chinese language ability test or trial class 向学生发放汉语水平测试或试讲课

3. Confirm class time and receive acceptance letter from BICC 确定上课时间和收到 BICC 录取通知书

4. Make payment 支付课程费用

5. Sign on the school management note 在学校管理书上签字

6. Start Chinese lessons 开始上课 


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