Visiting Beijing Huguang Guild Hall

We have arranged for the second Chinese culture class: Visiting Beijing Huguang Guild Hall.

Visiting Date: Sunday, November 5

Gathering Time: 8:30 am

Shuttle Bus Departure Time: 8:50 am

Gathering Place: Sanlitun Campus of Beijing International Chinese College

Visiting Place: Add. No.3, Fang Road Xi Cheng District Beijing China


9:30-10:00: Huguang Guild Hall Tour

10:00-11:30: Beijing Opera Appreciation and Experience

A List of Operas: Farewell My Concubine

Celestial Beauty Scattering Flowers

Havoc in Heaven

This visiting is for free, but you must go by taking our shuttle bus rather than by yourself. You are welcome to go with your family and friends.

Introduction of Beijing Huguang Guild Hall:

The Huguang Guild Hall (Chinese: 湖广会馆; pinyin: Húguǎng huìguǎn; literally: "Huguang Assembly Hall") in Beijing is a renowned Beijing opera (Peking opera) theatre. Built in 1807, and at the height of its glory, the Huguang Guild Hall, along with the Zhengyici Peking Opera Theatre was known as one of the "Four Great Theatres" in all of Beijing. Many famous past and present opera performers have performed here.

The entire complex covers over a large area, and the main buildings of the hall include the opera building, Wenchang building, Xiangxian Temple and Chuwan hall. The theatre is renowned for its magnificent interiors, which is coloured in red, green and gold, and decked out with tables and a stone floor.The Huguang Guild Hall also contains a small museum which exhibits the theatre's rich history of Beijing opera.

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