Promotion on Chinese Classes

Do you want to start or resume your Chinese learning?

Then you are in the right place! BICC is offering promotion price in April and May:

  • Buy 20 lessons or more, get 4 lessons group class or 2 lessons one-on-one free
  • Buy 50 lessons or more, get 8 lessons group class or 4 lessons one-on-one free
  • Buy 100 lessons or more, get 20 lessons group class or 10 lessons one-on-one free.

Besides that, we offer monthly free Cultural classes and free access to the Gym.

- The group classes are in Sanlitun Campus:

Group class: every morning from Monday to Friday (9 am - 12:20 pm): 4 lessons per day, 2 lessons comprehension and 2 lessons spoken.

- The 1-1 classes are held either in Sanlitun, Maquanying or your office/house

One-on-one class: at least 2 lessons per day (Monday - Friday) either regular Chinese, HSK preparation or Business Chinese.

Please send us email at

Or add us on wechat: 18515306152