Anselmo Doniseti Florentino Ferreira Perrella (Italy/Brazil)

Hi, I’m an Italian/ Brazilian citizen. This is my third and best time at BICC. This time I really feel reading and writing in Chinese characters.

BICC is a well located College, nearby Sanlitun Village area with easy underground access, 200m away from Hujialou tube station. The building facilities are clean and pleasant. Facilities as such as students room, gym centre and administration are all of an easy access and the student card is of a good help around the city, mostly of the museums, tourist destinations, cinemas and others offer a 50% discount under a student id card presentation.

Teachers are well prepared and the books are comprehensive and of a good help. My special thanks to the following teachers: Chen 老师, Yuan Yuan 老师 and Yang 老师, classes are dynamic and students interact in between them and teacher at all the time, this is a full time “reading, writing, speaking and listening” course. Teachers are always interested in your learning curve and if you are feeling comfortable with your classes, lessons and studying environment.

At this time, I have fully invested on characters learning, writing and reading, and guess what? I did it! I was able to take a HSK examination and have been thru. Yuan Yuan 老师 is remarkable, she was great make simulations and assisting closely my improvement. I regret not to have taken a level above. Nevertheless, next time!

I have learnt as much as it was possible for the time I’ve been with BICC, in a month time course I was able to get a taxi and give directions, order food at a restaurant, bargain at the market (this is the funniest way to live around, I have done a few friendship from the silk market),

introduce myself, lead with small daily questions, read and write characters and understand their meaning.

Aero, Niama, Leo 老师 and Zhu 老师 are at our help at all the time, Zhu 老师 was in the HSK examination room and made feel very confident.

I have also met at BICC students of all of ages, countries and professional backgrounds, its impressive how easy Chinese looks like at BICC and how fast we can pick up the language.

Beijing with BICC was amazing and I’m sure that I’ll be back soon. Thanks to all of BICC team.