Yoshioka Yuji (Japan)

BICC helped me a lot on progressing my Chinese ability.

Teachers here are all friendly and enthusiastic.

On my first day here, my Chinese was really bad.  I wasn’t able to read, listen and understand anything at that time; therefore, I got abundant troubles on living.  But through learning at BICC, I’ve been getting used to the daily life here.  If I’ve only taken Chinese classes at the universities, the learning progress wouldn’t be so great.

However, I wish I had other peers in the class and more chances to chat with the teachers.  Due to the one-on-one teaching style, I wasn’t able to do so.  I believe that my learning would be more exciting if I have had more interactions with others.

Our six-month learning here is end.  I hope to have affairs on work which are more connected with China when I return to Japan.

I especially thank the teachers here and BICC.

Hope to see you again!