Free lecture: Geography of China

Geography of China

Do you know why China has such a large population?

Do you know why the east part of China is much more developed than the other parts?

Do you know why Chinese are traditionally conservative?

Do you know why Chinese were not keen on conquering other nations in history?

All of these questions we can find their answers from this course.

This course is for foreign students who have little knowledge of China’s geography and have the interests to learn about it.

The goal of this course is to enable students to have some general knowledge of China’s geography, in terms of which they can have a better understanding of Chinese culture and customs, for different environments always give different characteristics to their residents.

In total, this course is made up by 4 parts:

a. Administrative Division of China

b. Terrain and Topography

c. Climate of China

d. Population Distribution of China


Time: 14:00-14:45, November 23 (Wednesday)

Location: Classroom 201, BICC Sanlitun Campus: 北京国际汉语学院 三里屯校区地址:东三环北路中段,康莱德酒店西侧,北京市第八十中学南门

Welcome anyone to join this course!

14:00 to 14:45
BICC Sanlitun Campus
(8610) 59 03 92 67
北京国际汉语学院 三里屯校区地址:东三环北路中段,康莱德酒店西侧,北京市第八十中学南门