Free lecture: Weiqi (Chinese Chess)

Do you know what Weiqi (围棋) is? Known in English as ¨Go¨, Weiqi is an abstract strategy Chinese board game, where the aim of the game is to gain more territory than your opponent.
Apparently is one of the oldest board games that is still played these days and was considered one of the four essential kind of arts to be learned by the cultured aristocratic antiquity. Sounds interesting right? Then join us for a free afternoon lecture about this game with Dr. Tony Wang, Director of the International Department of Nie Weiping (Go Dojo) this August 17th from 3.40pm to 5.00pm and learn the history of the game, the rules and how to play it.
Place: Beijing International Chinese School (BICC) Sanlitun. Baijiazhuang xili ·2, behind the Beijing 80th school south gate, Chaoyang district, Beijing 100026.

Please if you want to attend this lecture, send us email at:

The address:Baijiazhuang Xili No. 2, behind Beijing No.80 Middle School (South gate), Chaoyang district, Beijing, 100026 

Directions: Hujialou station (subway line 10), Exit E From East 3rd Ring Road North, walk on the lane between Alhambra Palace and Conrad Hotel (KanglaiDe JiuDian). We're right next to Conrad hotel.
You are welcome to join!

When: Wednesday, August17th 


03:30 to 05:00
Beijing International Chinese College - Sanlitun Campus
Baijiazhuang Xili No. 2, behind Beijing No.80 Middle School (South gate), Chaoyang district, Beijing, 100026