Poland Embassy

Beijing International Chinese College

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Beijing pays tribute to Beijing International Chinese College. In the name of our embassy, we express our sincere thanks to the organizers and teachers of 2012 Chinese Language and Culture Courses for Embassy Officials in Beijing.

What we want to emphasize is that this program is of great importance to diplomats, for they benefit a lot from it. By this chance, they could have a better understanding of the broad and profound Chinese language and the special connotation of Chinese culture.

In a word, we want to express our thanks to all the organizers: Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Foreign Affairs Office of the People, Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing International Education Exchange. Besides, we especially show our gratitude to the faculties of Beijing International Chinese College. Due to their hard work, we could learn more about Chinese culture and communicate more in Chinese, which also shortened the distance between China and us.

Best regards.

November 27, 2012