Private Business Chinese

Learn Business Chinese at BICC

If your goal is to have your business in China or just communicate with your Chinese colleagues, business Chinese courses are needed. 

The classes are one-on-one but we can also organize group class if there are 2 students or more.

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Our teachers assess you before taking the class to check your level, generally, the student needs to have at least an intermediate level in Chinese (around HSK4) to take this class.

We use "Chinese for managers" but if you have a specific materials, please let us know.

* Additional 50 RMB per time will be charged if the student takes classes before 9am or after 5pm during weekdays or on weekends.

Class Introduction
VIP class includes one-on-one and one-on-two lessons. The class time, place and content are arranged flexibly, adjusted according to the individual requirements of the students. Students can freely choose the class time during working time.
*VIP class includes a 30-minute free demo lesson.
*Discount:There is a discount for more than 50 classes at one time.**Students are required to pay for the teacher's travel fee if the teacher is required to go to a specific address other than BICC, which is 30RMB per time within the 5th Ring Road and 100RMB per time outside the 5th Ring Road.
Group Class
Group classes are arranged according to the students' Chinese ability, and classes are held in small groups of 3-8 students each. Enrollment will
start at the beginning of every month. Classes will start as soon as the number of students meets minimum (3)
class time
1-on-1 class and 1-on-2 class: 50 mins per class, 1.5 or 2 classes per session are recommended.
Group class: 45 minutes per lesson, At least 2 classes each time.
College address
Address of main camper: No. 72, Shunbai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Business Chinese class: the schedule depends on the availability of the student

Day *
E.g., 06/16/2024