Free Chinese knot

Chinese knotting is a decorative handicraft art that began as a form of Chinese folk art in China. Chinese knots are usually lanyard type arrangements where two cords enter from the top of the knot and two cords leave from the bottom. The knots are usually double-layered and symmetrical. In Chinese, “knot” means reunion, friendliness, peace, warmth, marriage, love, etc. They are often used to express good wishes, including happiness, prosperity, love and the absence of evil.

On Wednesday, August 30th "Du Laoshi" will show you how to make bracelet/ring using Chinese knot. You don't need to bring anything BICC has prepared everything for you.

Please if you want to attend the class, send us email to: 

Address: Baijiazhuang Xili No. 2, behind Beijing No.80 Middle School (South gate), Chaoyang district, Beijing, 100026

Time: 2pm – 3:30 pm

Tel: +8610-59039267


Directions: Hujialou station (subway line 10), Exit E

From East 3rd Ring Road North, walk on the lane between Alhambra Palace and Conrad Hotel (KanglaiDe JiuDian). We're right next to Conrad hotel.

You're welcome to join!

14:00 to 15:30