Airport Transfers

Traveling through a large, busy airport such as Beijing International Capital Airport (PEK) can be an unpleasant experience. Especially when you arrive alone and have no one waiting for you. You may be unable to find an airport transfer taxi, or your airport shuttle cab may arrive late, or not at all. Plus it usually is the nightmare to use public airport transportation, stumbling into and out of trains or buses laden with your luggage or you may lose your luggage or have it stolen while you are too busy.

To ensure that your arrival is worry-free, The BICC can help arrange an airport pick-up/drop for you. This service includes one-way or two ways transportation from Beijing International Capital Airport (PEK) to either school or the choice of your housing: homestay, dormitory, apartment or hotel. Most of the time we send one of our staff to pick you up, but in some cases we may send a professional service provider to pick you up from PEK. Either way it is convenient and you will feel safe and relaxed.



One way airport transfer

Two ways airport transfer